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STM32 bare-metal made easy

Some time ago, I wrote a post explaining why a minimal knowledge of bare-metal programming is a must for a modern MCU programmer.

Here is a follow up, showing a minimal example with a cheap, though quite popular hardware setup. The application will show you how to:

  • prepare the Makefile and linker script with no external dependencies;

  • write the minimal code to boot the board, set the clock and initialize the UART;

  • have a loop writing data to UART, once every second.

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A simple integer square root C function

When working with microcontrollers, floating point number computation are often not available in hardware. Modern toolchains normally provide a math library having a software simulation for floating point and math functions: this is time consuming and may even be useless, because microcontrollers do normally work with integer numbers (e.g. the input of an ADC).

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My first post

Welcome on my blog. My name is Aurelio Colosimo.

In my blog I will soon add some code snippets, algorithms or small electronic circuits, hopefully useful for the community.

If you want to know more about me, this is my website: